Gestação do coração: 18 fotos que mostram a beleza da adoção

Enquanto aguardam a chegada de seus filhos, casais registram esse momento de espera com cliques cheios de amor e emoção. Vem ver!

Seja por escolha própria ou pela impossibilidade de gerar um filho biológico, muitos casais recorrem à adoção para realizar o sonho da maternidade – ou para aumentar a família. Essa decisão inclui diversas responsabilidades e desafios, como toda criança requer. Mas, sobretudo, envolve um amor imensurável que só pais e mães são capazes de sentir por um filho. Para mostrar toda a beleza dessa troca de carinho e cumplicidade, reunimos cliques de homens e mulheres que ainda estão à espera de seus pequenos – a chamada gestação do coração – e outras imagens que mostram o momento em que a família encontra seu novo membro e, finalmente, sente-se completa. As fotos são encantadoras! 

Crescendo em nosso coração

Qualquer par se encaixa

Crescendo em nosso coração

A alegria quando a criança já está em seus braços:

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"Despite not knowing the certainty of adopting her, our hearts were meant for each other." Angie and Rowyn's story has touched my heart so deeply and I am honored to capture such a special time for them. More of her story can be found below! Please share this post with anyone struggling with adoption or infertility. There is a light at the end of every long tunnel! . . . "Believe it or not, I first felt the call to adopt at about 4 years old. I now believe that was God preparing my heart for an infertility diagnosis. After I was told how hard it would be to conceive I didn't hesitate and immediately jumped into fostering. In October of 2014 I was asked to take a leap of faith and foster a 2 1/2 month old girl. I had been fostering with the intent to adopt for over a year at that point, and was growing weary. I was grieving a previous placement and almost said no to this one eventually accepting with caution. This was the best yes of my life. Despite not knowing the certainty of adopting her, our hearts were meant for each other. 1,070 days after taking her first breath, 995 days after my fearful "yes", through all the ups and downs, visits, social workers and hearings, we legally became mommy and daughter." -Angie

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Deus sabia que meu coração precisava de você

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Two years ago, after years of infertility, my hubby and I adopted our baby girl, Jada. Little did we know of the amazing miracles that her adoption would bring. Kelsey and Carson became lifelong friends after I shot their wedding 5 years ago. When they decided to start the adoption journey, I was able to help them along using resources we had used for our adoption. A few months after submitting their paperwork & getting approved to adopt, they were matched with a loving birthmom, and baby Riot was born. It was so awesome to capture such a tender and special time in their lives. The love in that nursery was incredibly tangible. I LOVE YALL! If you know someone headed down the adoption path, I'd be happy to chat with them about the resources we used. #raetayphotography #openadoption #adoptionislove #houstonphotographer #adoptionphotography

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O V E R J O Y E D ….. There's no other word to properly explain the feeling I get when I look at these photos. 💙 Some of my most treasured moments of this adoption journey are the clear "God in the details" moments…like how the sweet little boy's name came to be. Jace's birth-mom chose a different middle name than we planned to use. (That is not uncommon. It's at finalization that the adoptive parents can officially change the child's name.) We selected "Jace" in honor of his birth-mom & we were going to use "Douglas" (after Brent & his dad) for his middle name. She named him Jace, but selected a different middle name, "Eugene", that runs in her family. Well, Brent's dad's name is Douglas Eugene. 😲 I mean…hello, God!! So this precious boy will be Jace Douglas Eugene Kee and will forever be a beautiful reminder that our God cares about stories all the way down to the details. 💙 #keefamilyadoption #jaceDouglas #welcomehome •••• Please continue to keep Jace's first mama in your prayers. She is lovely and kind and incredibly brave. She loves this boy immensely and has sacrificed to ensure the best possible future for her child. Pray for healing & that she would feel God close around her. #bravelove

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